Trainings & Workshops

Professional Development

Trainings & Workshops at the University of New England Online

The University of New England Online (UNE Online) offers high-quality, non-credit trainings and workshops for individuals seeking to advance their careers and personal knowledge through continuing education. Our workshops are carefully curated to deliver up-to-date knowledge and practices, ensuring participants gain valuable information that enriches their professional or personal lives. UNE Online provides flexible and convenient learning options with both on-demand and live workshop opportunities, and our commitment to online education means learners can access these valuable resources from anywhere. At UNE Online, we make pursuing lifelong learning and professional development more accessible than ever.

Pelvic Health Courses

Our Pelvic Health courses are delivered fully online and is designed for healthcare professionals and community members to gain the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to address and treat disorders related to pelvic health, promoting optimal patient outcomes and improving quality of life.

Live Social Work Workshops

UNE Online offers online, engaging live social work workshops, providing participants with interactive, real-time learning experiences led by experienced professionals. These workshops foster dynamic discussions and skill-building opportunities.

On-Demand Social Work Workshops

Our online on-demand social work workshops allow students the flexibility to access valuable content at their own pace. These workshops empower learners to delve into specific social work topics, expanding their knowledge and skill set on their terms.