Tuition and costs

UNE Online tuition for Science Prerequisites for Health Professions courses is $440 per credit hour plus a $30 registration fee per class. Some classes have additional required course materials. Additional course material cost is not figured into the cost per credit hour. Please review the page of the course of interest for specific course cost..

Tuition can be paid using debit card, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover), or electronic check. Only one form of payment is accepted at this time. We do not provide payment plans at this time.

Science Prerequisites Tuition Refund Policy

Drop Refund Policy
100% refund on or before the official start date of the course (by 11:59pm ET the first Wednesday).

Withdrawal Refund Policy
40% refund between the second day of the course and the end of the first week of the course (the following Tuesday at 11:59pm ET).

***No refund after the first week of the official course start date.***

Financial Aid and Student Loans

Courses enrolled in by a non-matriculated student are not eligible for financial aid benefits including federal student loans, scholarships, or grants per the Department of Education.

Private Loans

Students utilizing private loans will need to first apply and be approved for their loan. UNE will then receive the loan notification and reach out to the student in which they will be manually registered. Students will not need to register through our registration portal if utilizing a private loan. For more information on this process, please contact our Student Financial Services office at 207-602-2342.

Military Benefits

UNE Online accepts several military benefits to be used towards our Science Prerequisites for Health Professions courses.

  • Tuition Assistance – Please submit your Tuition Assistance paperwork to Cathy Mahan via email at
  • Veterans Assistance & GI Bill® – Please submit your Veterans Assistance or GI Bill® paperwork to

Military students using any of these benefits will be registered manually through our Registrar’s Office. Additional information about the types of accepted benefits can be found here:

Other Science Prerequisites Tuition Payment Options Accepted

  • 529 Plans
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Americorps

For more information on utilizing one of the other options, please contact our Student Financial Services office at 207-602-2342.



If you have any questions about registration, the coursework or course requirements, please reach out to one of our student support team members using live chat(see bottom right) or email below.