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Summer Graduate Courses (100% Online)

At UNE Online, you can take fully online graduate courses this summer in a variety of subject areas, including Education, Public Health, Social Work, Applied Nutrition and more. Summer online courses are offered in an 8-week form, with specific due dates and deadlines. With every course, you will benefit from a high-level of instructor support and student/peer engagement.

Courses start:

Summer Session A: May 3, 2023
Summer Session B: June 28, 2023

Applications are not required for the UNE Online graduate summer courses. You may enroll at any time through the self-service registration portal. Please note that tuition payment is due in full at the time of registration. Browse our 8-week graduate summer course offerings below. 

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This course is intended for individuals who are transforming curriculum for online learning. Participants will design and create online learning experiences using the Community of Inquiry framework and innovative technologies. Emphasis is placed on producing activities that engage learners, foster…

Session A: May 03, 2023
Credits: 3
Tuition: $1,920

This course introduces students to the use of technology in the education of individuals with special needs. Methods and techniques for evaluation and determination of appropriate uses of technology are included. A range of assistive technologies are covered as well…

Session A: May 03, 2023
Credits: 3
Tuition: $1,920

This course focuses on assessment approaches for identifying students with disabilities and assessing progress toward learning goals and standards. Participants examine formal assessment tools and procedures used in the diagnosis of disabilities and identification of the instructional and behavioral needs…

Session B: June 28, 2023
Credits: 3
Tuition: $1,920


  • Get ahead and graduate sooner
  • Catch up after declaring or changing majors or minor
  • Completion of prerequisite courses for medical, dental, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or other health professional graduate programs
  • Ability to focus on a challenging science course or sequenced
  • Continued momentum of academic coursework
  • High quality summer online courses at an affordable tuition rate from a trusted and accredited university

To Know UNE

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