Enrolling in Science Prerequisites for Health Professions Classes

No application required – simply register online for your course*

Registering for Classes – Enrolling in Science Prerequisites

Ordering Course Materials

Course materials are available through the UNE Bookstore. Instructions for ordering are below. We highly encourage students to purchase books directly through the bookstore to ensure you have all of the required content. Certain courses contain custom materials that can only be acquired at the UNE Bookstore.

  1. Visit the UNE Bookstore: www.bkstr.com/uofnewenglandstore
  2. Select Program: All
  3. Select Term: Summer (May – August), Fall (September – December), or Spring (January – April)
  4. Select Department: Reference first four characters in course title (ex: CHEM)
  5. Select Course: Reference four numerals in course title (ex: 1005)
  6. Select Section: Section is not relevant as materials are the same for every section – choose any & select
  7. Bookstore phone number: (207) 282-3025

Drop/Withdrawal Policies

  • If payment is not received by the official course start date, the student will be removed from the course.
  • The last day permissible for non-matriculating Science Prerequisites for Health Professions (SPHP) students to drop a course without financial penalty is the first day of class.
  • After the first day of class, students who withdraw from a course must do so in writing, and will receive a “W” on their transcript indicating withdrawal. SPHP students must use their UNE email account to request the withdrawal.
  • Non-matriculating students in the Science Prerequisites for the Health Professions program who withdraw within the first eight weeks of the course will receive a “W” on their transcript.
  • Students cannot withdraw after the eight-week deadline and will receive the earned grade.
  • Withdrawal dates can be found on the Science Prerequisites for the Health Professions 2023/2024 Academic Calendar.

Refund Policy

  • 100% refund until the first day of class.
  • 40% refund within the first week of the official course start date.
  • No refund after the first week of the official course start date.


Enrollment Online Anytime

You may enroll at any time via our self-service registration portal. Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Your official start date is the date that the course opens and you will have 16 weeks from that date to complete your course.

Courses start on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the Month

You must be registered for your class by 12:00 noon EST on the Monday before the class starts. Online registration will remain open during holidays when the university is closed. See the UNE Academic Calendar for more details.



If you have any questions about registration, the coursework or course requirements, please reach out to one of our student support team members using live chat(see bottom right) or email below.