UNE American Public Health Association Student Assembly (APHA-SA)

About the APHA-SA

The UNE American Public Health Association – Student Assembly (APHA-SA) is an interdisciplinary organization welcoming student members from all health programs at the university who have an interest in public health. The chapter within UNE is part of the broader APHA-SA, a student-led organization within the American Public Health Association.


Members of the UNE APHA-SA are not required to become student members of the national APHA organization, although it is encouraged. Participation in UNE APHA-SA is free and flexible!

Students who join UNE APHA-SA have the benefit of being able to participate remotely, which works well for those enrolled in online programs and local students who may be unable to attend meetings on campus.

Monthly meetings

General member meetings are conducted monthly via teleconference. Members can also participate in events held every other month to delve deeper into the field of public health by learning about potential career paths, participating in skill building workshops, listening to exciting guest speakers who are professionals already in the field, and other activities as planned.

Ways to connect with the APHA-SA

Upcoming UNE APHA-SA activities are listed via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. If you are interested in learning more about UNE APHA-SA or joining the organization, please contact apha-board@une.edu.

Officers of the UNE APHA-SA

Aneesa Choudhry – President | Campus Liaison

Aneesa Choudhry is the Student Assembly President and an online MPH student. Living just thirty minutes away from downtown Washington DC in northern Virginia, Aneesa is passionate about working with marginalized populations and advocating for their health. Currently, she works as a Community Health Worker for a health insurance company, where she enjoys collaborating with diverse groups to address gaps in care and tackle social determinants of health, such as housing and food insecurity. Aneesa’s future aspirations lie in the fields of public policy and healthcare administration to create more sustainable and equitable opportunities to access healthcare. With her dedication and enthusiasm, she aims to collaborate with her team to create fun and impactful events this year.

Jennifer Ceide, MPH, CHES – Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Ceide is a Certified Health Education Specialist who has worked in the field of public health for over 14 years. Her expertise in program planning, health education, and communication has led to the development of programs and content for various communities. Her undergraduate and graduate degrees are in public health with concentrations in education and communication. She is thrilled to be working with the assembly on raising public health awareness.



If you have any questions about the coursework or the program requirements, please speak to one of our enrollment counselors at the email or phone number below.