Dietetics Focus Area FAQ

The Dietetics Focus Area at UNE is a premier, graduate-level dietetics program in the U.S. accredited under ACEND Future Education Model delivering competency-based coursework and Supervised Experiential Learning (SEL) 100% online. And proud to be among the first 25 programs approved in the nation under the new, innovative model.

Hear from Dr. Ellie Dodge, Director of the Graduate Programs in Applied Nutrition and Dr. Angelina Maia, previous Assistant Program Director / Dietetics Director as they answer your top questions on admissions, course structure, and Supervised Experiential Learning (SEL).

Supervised Experiential Learning (SEL)

Preceptor variety and SEL hour requirements

SEL vs. Dietetic Internship

Finding SEL sites

Location of SEL sites

Scheduling SEL hours

Completing SEL hours

First-year SEL hours

Admission Requirements

Completing prerequisite courses

Transfer Credits

Prerequisite Course Availability

Undergraduate prerequisite course

Industry Certifications as credit

International Admissions

Enrolling in Prerequisite courses

Prerequisite course requirements

Undergraduate DPD Statement

General RDN Program

Coursework Time Commitment

Current UNE Student




If you have any questions about the Applied Nutrition programs, focus areas, coursework, or program requirements, please speak to one of our enrollment counselors at the email or phone number below.