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Master of Biomedical Science

The University of New England’s fully online Master of Biomedical Science (MBS) program is a comprehensive graduate degree designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic field of healthcare. This 30-credit program offers a flexible pathway for ambitious individuals who aspire to enter doctorate-level programs or advance their careers in healthcare. Whether you’re pursuing a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), Physician’s Assistant (PA), Nurse Practitioner (NP), or other advanced healthcare graduate programs, our Master of Biomedical Science provides the additional weight needed to strengthen your application. Moreover, this program serves a diverse range of student audiences, including those seeking employment in healthcare, scientific research, or the pharmaceutical industry.

Throughout the Master of Biomedical Science program, students will delve into a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics such as Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Gross Anatomy, Medical Law and Ethics, Biostatistics, and more. These courses not only provide a solid foundation in biomedical sciences but also enhance graduates’ competitiveness in medical school applications and open doors to various career opportunities. The online MBS program goes beyond academics to offer valuable resources for students’ future endeavors. This includes a capstone experience focused on building graduate school applications or professional career pathways, pre-health advising, career support services, and standardized test preparation for admissions exams such as the MCAT, GRE, DAT, and others.

As a fully online degree program, the Master of Biomedical Science offers unparalleled flexibility, accommodating both full-time and part-time students. Whether you’re balancing coursework with a full-time job, family responsibilities, or other commitments, our program allows you to pursue your educational goals at your own pace. In a rapidly evolving field like Biomedical Science, flexibility is key. Our online platform enables students to access course materials, participate in discussions, and engage with faculty from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility makes our program accessible to students from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to pursue their academic and professional aspirations.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, a career changer, or a seasoned healthcare professional, UNE Online’s Masters in Biomedical Science offers the tools and resources you need to succeed. Apply today and embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and personal growth.

Master of Biomedical Science Application Deadline

August 12, 2024

Fall A Term

Courses begin September 4, 2024

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Why Choose the University of New England Online?

Fully Online

Fully Online

Courses are delivered fully online, allowing you to complete coursework around your schedule.



UNE Online offers some of the most affordable and competitive tuition rates, allowing you to complete your program for less.



Students have consistent support throughout the program, beginning right at the application process with an enrollment counselor and continuing with a personal student support specialist.

Flexible Course Options

Flexible Course Options

Students can customize their degree by choosing elective courses based on their professional interests.

Program Outcomes

At the University of New England Online, our Master of Biomedical Science program stands out for its commitment to student success and tailored support. While offering the flexibility and affordability expected of online programs, we go beyond by providing customized advising options to align with students’ unique career goals. For instance, aspiring dental professionals are paired with advisors from our esteemed College of Dental Medicine, ensuring personalized guidance on their journey towards dental school. Additionally, we offer institutional recommendations to other schools based on students’ academic achievements, further enhancing their prospects in the competitive healthcare field.


At UNE Online we take a holistic approach to reviewing applications. Our MBS Program draws applicants from diverse backgrounds and a rich variety of academic experiences. Successful students have natural perseverance, an inclination to take on new challenges and the ability to manage multiple competing priorities. We review applicants in a comprehensive manner, taking into consideration their previous academic coursework and application materials.

Admission Requirements:

  • Degree: A bachelor’s degree or above from a regionally accredited institution or its equivalent. See International Admissions for details regarding evaluation of international degrees for grade and degree equivalency.
  • GPA: Applications are reviewed holistically as a determination of academic readiness. The admissions committee values previous academic performance as indicated on transcripts and considers it as part of the review process.
  • Minimally, students coming into the program will need to have 8 credit hours of undergraduate biology, 8 credit hours of general chemistry, and 4 credit hours of organic chemistry with biochemistry as a recommended elective.

Application Process

  • Completed online application (no fee required)
  • Goal Statement: Please tell us how the MBS program will help you reach your educational and or health professional goals. (Approximately – 250 words +/-)
  • Undergraduate transcript showing conferred bachelor’s degree
  • Contact information for two references

Note: Transcripts for any coursework appearing as transfer credit on the transcript of the conferred degree can be waived if the coursework is unrelated to the degree being sought. The program admissions committee defines all coursework not eligible for waiver.

For additional information or if you need assistance with the application process, please contact an Enrollment Services representative at, 844-363-3145.


    Master of Biomedical Science Curriculum

    The online Master of Biomedical Science (MBS) program is structured to accommodate the schedules of full-time working professionals, offering a flexible and accessible pathway to graduate education in the biomedical sciences.  With a curriculum comprising 30 credits— 21 credits of required core courses and 9 elective credits— students engage with fundamental topics such as biochemistry, cell biology, anatomy, medical law & ethics, and more. Additionally, our program offers a diverse array of elective options, including microbiology, genetics, global health, and epidemiology, enabling students to customize their learning experience to align with their career aspirations. 

    Moreover, the program’s asynchronous course delivery allows students to complete coursework at their own pace, fitting education seamlessly into their busy lives. With no residency requirement, students are not required to travel to campus or secure housing, making our program even more accessible and accommodating. This comprehensive approach equips graduates with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to excel in various roles within the biomedical field, while offering the flexibility and convenience essential for success in today’s fast-paced world.

    Required Core Courses (21 credits)

    • Biochemistry (4 credits)
    • Cell Biology (3 credits)
    • Gross Anatomy (4 credits)
    • Physiology (4 credits)
    • HCA 630 Medical Law & Ethics (3 credits)
    • GPH 716 Biostatistics (3 credits)
    • MSBS Capstone (no credits)

    Choice of Three Electives (9 credits)

    • Microbiology (3 credits)
    • Genetics (3 credits)
    • GPH 722 Introduction to Environmental Health (3 credits)
    • GPH 740 Global Health (3 credits)
    • GPH 712 Principles of Epidemiology (3 credits)
    • GPH 713 Infectious Disease Epidemiology* (3 credits)
    • GPH 717 Applied Epidemiology* (3 credits)
    • GPH 766 OneHealth (3 credits)
    • HIN 605 Introduction to Health Informatics (3 credits)
    • APN 615 Nutrition & Metabolism (3 credits)

    *indicates prerequisite course/s required

    Tuition and Fees

    Program cost for The University of New England Online’s MBS degree is competitive among other schools at $830/credit,* and because all of our courses are delivered 100% online, you will not incur the cost of traveling or relocating to complete your degree. (*Note: Tuition is subject to change. Listed tuition does not include the cost of fees, books, or additional credits that may be required, etc. Contact student Financial Services to learn more.)

    Cost per
    Credit: $830

    # of Credits: 30

    Typical Cost: $24,900


    Application Fee (non-refundable)
    General Services Fee (per semester, non-refundable for matriculated students)
    Tuition (per credit hour)
    Technology Fee (per semester)
    Registration Fee (non-matriculated students per semester)


    The University of New England Online’s Master of Biomedical Science faculty and staff are top-notch. They are a team of dedicated professionals who are active and respected in the field.

    Student Support & Resources

    At the University of New England Online, we are committed to providing our students with the highest level of academic and personal support. We understand the unique challenge of adult students who are often juggling school, career and family, which is why we offer a robust Student Academic Success Center (SASC) and high-touch academic advising. Learn more about Student Support and Resources.  


    The average completion time for the Master of Biomedical Science program typically takes 6 semesters (2 years) to complete. Some students may complete the program sooner, depending on overload or transfer credits.

    Yes. University of New England is accredited by the New England Commission on Higher Education (NECHE). To learn more, please see

    Yes, the program is offered 100% online with no campus visits required. When you graduate, you are welcome to come join our on-campus Commencement ceremony!

    Completing the MBS degree will improve your candidacy. Applicants are encouraged to review the eligibility and prerequisite requirements for their desired program of choice.

    Yes, as long as the prerequisites to your chosen program have been met for application. Applicants are encouraged to review the eligibility and prerequisite requirements for their desired program of choice.

    Upon acceptance, students may apply to transfer up to three, 3-credit courses (maximum nine semester credits) into the program. Transfer credit requests will be reviewed by the admissions committee for approval.

    Applications are reviewed holistically as a determination of academic readiness.

    You may begin the application process prior to completing your undergraduate degree, however you must receive a conferred bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution prior to the start date of your choice.

    Those looking to improve their candidacy for medical, dental, or pharmacy schools, as well as physician assistant, nurse practitioner, physical therapy, occupational therapy programs, and others.