2020 Virtual Research Showcase Proposal


This year, we have 7 EDD students registered as presenters and they have each submitted a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over recordings that summarize the results of their research.  Based upon turnout last year and the amount of effort for a full-day symposium, we would like to change the format from a live symposium to a virtual “Research Showcase.” 


We propose a launch date of Monday, August 31, 2020

Submitted Presentations (notes and deliverables):

The presentations were submitted in various formats – PowerPoint with audio, MP4, Zoom recording, etc. 

  • IDS will need to meet with EDU to discuss optimizing, potentially standardizing media quality 
  • Note: IDS may need to follow up


Proposed Format & Deliverables:

IDS will create an asynchronous space to serve as a “home” for the 2020 Virtual Research Symposium, to showcase the work of these 7 student presenters. The experience will be akin to a virtual “poster session,” with curated space for each student’s work.

  • IDS will curate and edit the student work (visual and audio presentations), packaging it for public consumption.
  • IDS will collaborate with Marketing to make the space publicly available and connected with/linked from the existing external Virtual Research and Scholarship Symposium 2020 page/site.
    • We recommend building an experience in Articulate Rise in concert with a WordPress page as described above to host the video content. 
    • The delivery should feature a welcome video, featuring the Program and/or Martha/Heidi, treating it as an “event,” thanking those who are attending and setting the stage for the research. 
  • The public, students, and other interested stakeholders will be able to “travel” virtually through and between a curated experience of the student work, to include visual representations of their presentations with presenter audio, names of the student and if applicable their advisors, and other related information.
  • Optional: for an additionally engaging experience, IDS will investigate asynchronous ways (such as commenting/threaded discussion) to capture questions and comments on the work, to better support an experience similar to a traditional on-ground poster session/symposium (supporting some form of Q&A).
  • Optional: Students could potentially create “FAQs” for their work that we could also publish, either textually or as new short videos from the students themselves.


Examples of other schools’ online research spotlights: 

Fresno State College of Science and Mathematics

Boise State


Worcester Polytechnic Institute


2019 Research Symposium (now hosted/viewable on DUNE)


The College of Graduate and Professional Studies at the University of New England hosted its first Virtual Research Symposium on June 15, 2019. Current students and alumni shared their work with professionals in their field and gained conference and presentation experience. Presenters addressed timely topics and current challenges faced by professionals in the fields of Education (and Leadership), Health Informatics, Nutrition, Public Health, and Social Work. Presentations were grounded in best practices, informed by research, and aligned with the professional development needs of attendees. All presentations were virtual sessions streamed using the Zoom platform.


This Year's Presentations