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Science Prerequisite College Courses for Health Professions

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The University of New England Online’s Science Prerequisites for Health Professions (SPHP) online courses are for students who need the required courses for admission into medical school, other professional health programs or to advance their career. With UNE Online’s competitive tuition and flexible, fully online course format, UNE Online allows you to complete your coursework for medical and health professional schools sooner and more affordably. 

There is no application for this program, you can register today, and courses start every two weeks. The instructor guided, self-paced structure means that you can work on your classwork when it works for you, and complete in anywhere from 10-16 weeks!  And even though you will be moving through the course at a pace that makes sense for you, you still have access to knowledgeable, expert faculty who will guide you through the course material and provide assessment and feedback on assignments. 

These online science courses are specifically designed to meet the prerequisite requirements for many professional health graduate programs and are taught by renowned practitioners, researchers, and educators. Our faculty and support staff know that you need quality math and science courses, and that you need them quickly. By offering start dates every month using online or at-home labs, and self-paced courses, we are able to meet you exactly where you are at. We have helped over 35,000 students get the courses they need to make their professional health and graduate school dreams a reality.

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Why Choose the University of New England Online?

Fully Online

Fully Online

Courses are delivered fully online, allowing you flexibility to complete coursework around your schedule.



UNE Online offers some of the most affordable and competitive cost per credit, allowing you to complete your courses for less.



Courses can be completed within 16-weeks, and the flexible self-paced nature of the coursework allows students to complete the work at their own pace.

Frequent Start Dates

Frequent Start Dates

With courses starting each month, you can register and begin courses often within 2 weeks of registration without needing to wait months for an upcoming term.  

Science Courses for Aspiring Health Leaders

Science Prerequisites for Health Professions (SPHP) courses are for students who wish to enter a health professions program but need one or two prerequisite courses in order to complete their graduate or medical school application. Most of our SPHP students are either enrolled at another university already or have actually completed their undergraduate degree and just need one or two classes to satisfy their nursing prerequisites or medical school prerequisites.

You may also be interested in our Post Bacc Pre-Health program if you are looking to pursue admissions into medical, veterinarian, and dental schools and need several courses along with committee letter support. See information including an online application on our Post Bacc Pre-Health program page.

We have over 35 courses available in:

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Additional Course Materials & Resources

With online science prerequisite courses, it’s critical to deliver a well-rounded course experience through expert faculty involvement, peer-to-peer discussions, text books that support the content of the course, online labs for hands-on learning and experimentation, and assessments and testing to ensure mastery of the course content. With each course, there are a range of additional materials that may be required to successfully complete the course. All additional course materials are accessible online or shipment to your home. Each course syllabus will have a specific list of materials and books needed to complete the course.  Books, materials, and lab fees vary by course and estimates per course range from ~$100-$500. 

At-Home Science Lab Kits

At UNE Online, you can complete not only your science prerequisite coursework remotely, but you also get access to hands-on, interactive remote labs. For certain courses, you will be required to order a lab kit that will be shipped directly to your home (expect about 2 weeks for shipping). The lab kits will contain everything you need for your online lab assignments throughout the course, and consist of lab-grade equipment that will support your learning and strengthen critical thinking. At-home lab kits typically cost between $200-$400.

See examples of our lab kits is here:

External Web Camera & Whiteboard

An external web camera will need to be purchased for proctored exams, even if your computer includes a built-in webcam.(Proctored exams are required in most courses, but not all. Refer to your course syllabus to confirm whether your course requires a proctored exam.) The external webcam supports UNE Online’s goal of maintaining rigor and academic integrity, and also maximizing security during proctored testing.  In addition to the webcam, you may also need a 8×11 whiteboard (check your course syllabus) for your proctored exams to show any work needed. You can order your webcam and whiteboard easily here – estimated cost about $54 + shipping –  and it will ship to most locations in just 2 days. 


Textbooks are required in most courses, and are selected to best support your learning and mastery of course content. Textbooks range in cost, typically between $50-$175 per course. Please be sure to check your course syllabus for specific required textbooks.


The UNE Online Experience

“After being accepted at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine, one of the courses that they requested I retake [before starting the vet program] was General Chemistry. My admissions advisor at UPenn suggested the Science Prerequisites for Health Professions classes at UNE Online. At the time, I was traveling around the US competing in track and field meets for Team Canada to compete in the 400-meter hurdles, and training for the 2021 Olympics. I needed a very flexible course to fit into my schedule, and this course fit my needs perfectly.”

- Taysia Radoslav, SPHP Student

See what other UNE Online students are saying about their experiences here.


No application is required to register for Science Prerequisite Courses at the University of New England Online. With courses starting every 2 weeks, you may register for courses at any time through the self-service registration portal

Registration is as simple as 3 easy steps.

  1. Create an account:
  2. Login to your account and select your course:
    • Add courses to your cart
  3. Pay online and get ready to start class!

Once you register, you will instantly receive an email to begin your student experience. You will create your elearning account, set up your email, and order any books and materials you need for class.  When the class begins, you will be able to login to your learning platform and access your course at midnight on the class start date.  

Having issues registering for courses? Reach out to the enrollment team at for additional support.

Instructor Guided, Self-Paced Courses

At UNE Online, we know that there is a need to get quality coursework with speed and flexibility. Our Science Prerequisites for Health Professions (SPHP) courses can take up to 16-weeks to complete, but in many cases can be completed sooner, with an average completion time for most students is 10-14 weeks. This format allows students to complete courses on their own time at a pace that makes sense for them. There are no required test dates or weekly homework assignment due dates – just complete each module at your pace, and the next module will open up for you to begin your next section.  Once you have completed the required assignments before an exam, you will schedule your proctored exam through Proctor U to complete and receive credit for your course.  

Throughout the course(s), students will be able to connect with expert faculty members. In addition to being able to message instructors with questions for clarifying course material, students have the opportunity to attend virtual faculty office hours. 

Take a guided tour of one of our self-paced courses here. 

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the University of New England Online Science Prerequisite courses are very competitive among other schools at just $440/credit.  

Additional fees and material estimates are below.

Application Fee (non-refundable)
Approved External Webcam and Whiteboard(estimate)*
$53.50 + shipping/taxes*
Tuition (per credit hour)
Books (estimate – see course syllabus for more information)
Materials (estimate – see course syllabus for more information)
Lab Kit (estimate – see course syllabus for more information)

*Not all courses require books, materials, lab kits, or approved external webcam for proctored exams.  See syllabus for most up to date course materials fees.


The University Of New England is regionally accredited through the New England Commission on Higher Education (NECHE). It is always in your best interest to reach out to your school/program to verify that the course you are interested in taking with us is acceptable before you register.  Course Syllabi are available online located at the top of the course description.


UNE Online’s Science Prerequisites for Health Professions (SPHP) faculty are respected and esteemed practitioners in their fields. Through careful consideration, UNE has cultivated a team of science, math, and medical experts to teach these online, self-paced courses. We have over 70 faculty members committed to the success and goals of our students. Beyond being subject matter experts, our instructors know and understand the complex needs of busy online learners. Our expert faculty are essential to the success of UNE Online and to the continued success of our students. Course-after-course our faculty keep showing up to mentor, teach, and connect with our online SPHP students. Go here to learn more about our incredible faculty. 

Student Resources

At the University of New England Online, we are committed to providing our online students with the highest level of academic and personal support as they continue their education. The science prerequisite courses were created to fit the schedule of busy individuals, and as such we realize that students in these programs need easy access to resources that can help them manage the course requirements, along with their career and home life. Prospective & Registered students may browse our FAQs for additional information about getting started, accessing courses, transferring credits, and more. See FAQs here.



We do not require an application to take our online science prerequisite courses. You can simply register and pay online for the course(s) that you need.

To register for a course, please visit our Online Registration Portal. Full payment is due at the time of registration. Be sure to select the correct section with your preferred start date when you register.

Students are recommended to register for no more than two courses, but are strongly encouraged to take only one course at a time. In addition, if you are taking more than one course, we would recommend you stagger the start of the course at different start times during the month to provide you with ample time to get acclimated to the course and allow for different completion deadlines.

You do not need to provide transcripts but it is recommended that you review the suggested prerequisites which can be found on each individual course page. These prerequisites inform you of what content you are expected to know in order to be successful in the course.

Our registration deadline is firm and we are unable to take any additional registrations once the deadline has passed. Good news though – we have course start dates every 2 weeks! Courses begin on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month; the deadline to register for each start date will be the Monday prior to the start date at Noon EST.


Course Information

Yes, all of the SPHP courses are 100% online and self-paced with instructor guidance.

We have course start dates twice a month. On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month (excluding January) and your course will be opened at midnight on your course start date for you to begin your material.

You can expect approximately 15 hours each week to ensure you can complete the course in the required 16 weeks. The speed at which you can complete the course really depends on your learning style, your familiarity with the subject material, and the amount of time you have to dedicate to the course.

Our online lab courses have lab kits that will ship directly to your home. You will need to order these kits separately and we highly encourage you to order these kits on the day your course begins. Additional materials needed for the course can be found on the syllabus for your course. Any books, subscriptions, etc will be listed on the syllabus.

The University of New England has partnered with ProctorU to provide students taking any one of our online courses with the most convenient, at home, online exam proctoring system. This system provides a simple, no cost to the student, secure, online proctor for all of your exams. Exams must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance in order to avoid additional charges. For further information on scheduling your proctored exam, visit For additional information on what is needed and an example of a proctored exam can be found in our Exam Day

Once you complete the final exam and have informed your instructor you have completed your course, your final grade will be available within three to five business days after the course end date. Final grades can be viewed on your U-Online Student Portal. You can then request an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office, which will take an additional seven to ten business days to process. You do not need to wait until the official end date to request a transcript.

You can view syllabi and course info for any courses that you are interested in by clicking “Learn More” underneath the course title here. You can also find a full list of syllabi for our courses located in our syllabi directory here.

Our prerequisites are recommended but you do not need to provide a transcript prior to registering. In order to be successful in the courses, background knowledge and experience in the prerequisite content area will be helpful. In addition, your instructor will expect you to know the material from the prerequisite courses and you would be responsible for learning anything you did not know. It is a rigorous course and is considered an upper level undergraduate course.

Students have a maximum of 16 weeks from the course start date to complete their course(s). There is no official minimum time requirement, courses can be completed at a faster pace depending on the student’s time management and knowledge of course content. The average completion time for most students is 10-14 weeks, with the shortest realistic time to complete being 8 weeks. Please be aware that these courses are designed to take 16 weeks to complete. Instructors have 72 hours to grade assignments.

Students are expected to complete all coursework by the appointed end date of the course. Students who do not complete coursework by the end date will earn a final grade consisting of completed coursework and zeros reflecting any incomplete assignments/ assessments. Under very extenuating circumstances and prior to the end of their course, students may ask their instructor for a temporary grade of an Incomplete. Please review our Incomplete Grade Policy.

Students may retake a course through the science prerequisite program if (1) they wait until the following semester and (2) they request permission to retake the course. Students retaking a course will need to submit all new course work and assignments. Students should reach out to Student Services to request permission. All previous and current grades will appear on a transcript from UNE.

All communication with your instructor will occur through course messages in the learning management system or through the instructor’s virtual office hours. To contact your instructor in the Brightspace D2L LMS click on the envelope at the top of the course. Then select the email option, compose, then in the To the field start typing your instructor’s name and their email address will appear.

We recommend pacing yourself throughout the course and submitting work as you go along. By setting coursework schedule, you can ensure that you are not falling behind and/or are progressing in the course. We do not encourage large assignment submissions. If all assignments were to be submitted at once, this would result in a longer assignment grade/feedback timeframe than the usual 72 hours.

Yes, the UNE approved webcam is required for your proctored exams in your course. It is our policy to have the UNE approved webcam for the proctored exams. The official UNE external webcam is part of UNE’s efforts to provide a student experience that is accessible to all students and also maintains rigor and academic integrity. The use of the external camera maximizes security during proctored testing.

The UNE camera can be purchased here.

You can purchase a camera anywhere of your choosing, so long as it meets the requirements outlined in the link above.


Transferring Credits and Transcripts

The University Of New England is regionally accredited through the New England Commission on Higher Education (NECHE), and many schools do accept UNE online science prerequisites. Transfer and prerequisite courses are always up to the receiving institution to approve. You can always contact your school or potential school to be sure online distance credits are accepted prior to registering.

The transcript will display the course completed along with your grade and credits earned along with University of New England information. If the coursework and final exam are completed ahead of the end date for the course, students may reach out to their instructor and request their final grade.

Congrats! Now that you have completed your final exam or project in the course, you will want to contact your instructor via Brightspace email to inform them of your completion and you are ready for a final grade. It will take the instructor 3-5 days to complete grading and submit the student’s final grade.

It does technically, but not in any significant impact. It will simply replace the course equivalent you previously took, slightly affecting the GPA negatively or positively depending on how well you perform in the course.

Please click here to visit the Registrar’s Office page for more information on how to request your official transcript.


Student Resources

For any questions, comments, or concerns about your course, please reach out to your assigned student service advisor or the student support team at


Tuition and Payment Information

You can pay for a course using debit card, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover), or electronic check. We do not have payment plans for our individual courses. If you are using military or veterans benefits, please reach out to Veteran Benefits at (207) 602-2342 or email

Courses enrolled in by a non-matriculated student are not eligible for federal financial aid benefits including federal student loans, scholarships, or grants per the Department of Education.

Tuition Assistance – Please submit your Tuition Assistance paperwork to Cathy Mahan via email at Additional questions can be answered by contacting the Veterans Benefits department at (207) 602-2342.

Veterans Assistance & GI Bill® – Please submit your Veterans Assistance or GI Bill® paperwork to

Military students using any of these benefits will receive an email from the Pre-health Student Support Team once all appropriate paperwork has been completed and supply the student with a voucher code to use in place of typical payment methods at the time of registration. Students will still need to register for their course through the registration portal. Additional information about the types of accepted benefits can be found here:

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

100% refund on or before the official start date of the course.

40% refund within the first seven days of the official course start date.

No refund after the first seven days of the official course start date.

Students utilizing private loans will need to first apply and be approved for their loan. Once approved and the loan has been sent to UNE for certification, the student should then reach out to to confirm this and receive a voucher code to use in place of typical payment methods at the time of registration. Students will still need to register for their course through the registration portal. For more information on this process, please contact our Student Financial Services office at email: or calling 207-602-2342.


Accreditation and Withdrawal Policies

If you are still in the first eight weeks of your course, please complete and submit the Withdrawal Form via your UNE email or fax. A successful withdrawal will result in a grade of W on your official transcript. Once you have been successfully withdrawn you will receive an email from the registrar’s office to your UNE email address that you have been withdrawn from the course.


Attendance Policies

Students who are taking post-baccalaureate Science Prerequisite Health Prerequisite (SPHP) courses through the College of Professional Studies will be administratively withdrawn for non-participation if a gradable assignment has not been submitted on or prior to the last day to withdraw (8-weeks from start date) with a grade of W.

Participation is determined within UNE Online by posting a gradable assignment on or prior to the last day to withdraw with a grade of W. Students who do not participate during this time forfeit their rights to be reinstated into the course.

Both the faculty member and the Student Support Specialist will make a good faith effort to contact students before administratively withdrawing them by sending an email to their UNE email address ( Students who are administratively withdrawn will not be issued a refund.