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100% Online Telemedicine Professional Certificate

Mastering Telehealth for Modern Healthcare

The University of New England Online College of Professional Studies is offering a fully online, 12-week Telemedicine Professional Certificate with opportunities to receive continuing education credits (CEUs) or Certified Nurse Educator contact hours (CNEs) awarded by UNE’s School of Nursing and Population Health in adherence to ANCC criteria. As a leader in providing healthcare education, we understand the pivotal role that telemedicine plays in modern healthcare delivery. As the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated, it is time to improve and embrace the paradigm of healthcare integrated with telehealth. The American Telemedicine Association (ATA, 2020) projects that more than half of all healthcare services will be delivered virtually by 2030. 

UNE Online’s comprehensive Telemedicine Professional Certificate program goes beyond the basics, providing you with a deep understanding of telemedicine’s core principles, best practices, and ethical considerations. This certificate is designed to provide foundational knowledge in telehealth for both students entering healthcare and current healthcare providers.  While this educational offering is not intended as an academic course with course credits, it enables clinicians of all disciplines to meet standardized core competencies.

Discover innovative ways to reach patients, provide quality care, and contribute to the future of healthcare delivery. Enroll in the UNE Online Telemedicine Certificate, earn CEUs, or CNEs and be a pioneer in shaping the future of healthcare.


Full Telehealth Certificate Bundle

Current Registration Deadline

Register by September 14, 2024

Course begins Sep 15 - Dec 08

Tuition: $450


Fully Online

Fully Online

Courses are delivered fully online, allowing the flexibility to complete coursework around your schedule.



UNE Online offers affordable rates, allowing you to complete your Telemedicine Certificate for less.

Comprehensive Content

Comprehensive Content

Our curriculum dives deep into a wide spectrum of topics that are crucial for effective telehealth implementation.

Expert-Led Curriculum

Expert-Led Curriculum

Our modules are developed and taught by industry experts who are at the forefront of telemedicine advancements.


To register for the fully online Telemedicine Professional Certificate, simply click on the registration link below and follow the instructions to make your payment of $450. Alternatively, you may choose to enroll in individual modules, in which case, you may choose a specific module below to register and make your payment of $125. Space is limited in this certificate program, so secure your spot today. 


For additional information or if you need assistance with the registration process, please contact an Enrollment Services representative at ceonline@une.edu, 855-751-4446.

Telemedicine Module Descriptions

UNE Online’s Telemedicine Certificate offering is comprised of 4 modules. The modules cover relevant topics like website manner, equipment needs, gaps in care access, and legal regulations. We encourage students to sign up for the full professional certificate, however, participants may choose individual modules to meet their specific needs. The Telemedicine Professional Certificate allows participants to earn CEUs or CNEs. UNE’s College of Professional Studies will award CEUs; UNE’s School of Nursing and Population Health will award the CNE contact hours in adherence to ANCC criteria.

Full Telehealth Professional Certificate (12 weeks)
Starts April 1, 2024 – June 23, 2024

Completion of all 4 modules = 15.3 CNEs or 1.4 CEUs


Module 1: Building the Foundational Concepts of Telehealth (4 weeks)
Starts April 1, 2024- April 28, 2024
This module is designed to provide a deep understanding of telehealth, its definitions, modalities, historical development, and multifaceted impact on healthcare delivery. This course explores a wide array of benefits, limitations, and opportunities for patients, clients, providers, and healthcare organizations.
Completion of module 1 = 3.8 CNEs or 0.3 CEUs


Module 2: The Virtual Visit (4 weeks)
Starts April 1, 2024- April 28, 2024
The Virtual Visit module is designed to equip healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the benefits of telehealth while maintaining a strong patient-provider relationship.
Completion of module 2 = 3.0 CNEs or 0.3 CEUs


Module 3: The Outpatient Opportunity (4 weeks)
Starts April 1, 2024- April 28, 2024
This module investigates how telehealth brings healthcare closer to those who need it, enhancing outcomes and well-being through remote support and monitoring for vulnerable populations and for mental health services.
Completion of module 3 = 4.3 CNEs or 0.4 CEUs


Module 4: Telemedicine in Acute Care & Beyond (4 weeks)
Starts April 1, 2024- April 28, 2024
Explore the TeleICU, a pioneering advancement in critical care delivery. Delve into innovative strategies for improving emergency care through telehealth solutions. Discover how telemedicine adapts to unique settings, from rural healthcare deserts to disaster response scenarios.
Completion of module 4 = 4.2 CNEs or 0.4 CEUs


Tuition and Fees

The cost of the 12-week Telemedicine Professional Certificate program is $450, which includes four modules.

Alternatively, you may also choose to sign up for individual telemedicine modules based on your specific needs. Each individual course is $125.

Alumni discounts are available! Please contact ceonline@une.edu for additional information.

Full Telemedicine Certificate Bundle (12 weeks) – $450

Online Module #1: Building the Foundational Concepts of Telehealth (4 weeks) – $125

Online Module #2: The Virtual Visit (4 weeks) – $125

Online Module #3: The Outpatient Opportunity (4 weeks) – $125

Online Module #4: Telemedicine in Acute Care & Beyond (4 weeks) – $125


Course Information

This offering is 100% online.

There is a start and end date to the course, so you must complete the offering in that time.

It depends on the module, but on average, please plan for 3-4 hours in total per module completion; each module has sections that vary from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours to complete. The number of sections varies with the module.

Great news. There are no prereqs required!

The course is self-paced to allow each learner to move forward at their own speed depending on their previous knowledge and experience with the topic. After each section, there is a self-assessment, and you are expected to receive a score of 80% before moving onto another section for module completion. For most learners, each module may take 3-4 hours to complete, but it may be completed sooner for some.

You will be able to reach your facilitator through the course. Courses are held in the learning management system, Brightspace, and there is easy messaging available to communicate with your instructor.


Please email ceonline@une.edu with any registration issues and our team can help to assist with your registration.

Student Resources

Please feel free to email ceonline@une.edu if you need any non-content related support.


This offering is pass/fail. If you are not able to complete the course as intended, please let your facilitator know.

There are no refunds, but, if you need to delay your start we are happy to help you to do that for up to one year.

There is no set attendance policy, but to ensure success in the course each module has sections, you should plan on completing 1-2 sections/week.