Instructional Design Certificate

100% Online, 12-week Professional Certificate

Instructional Design Professional Certificate

The University of New England Online College of Professional Studies is offering a 12-week, 100% online Certificate in Instructional Design. This program aims to provide participants with the skills required to design, create, build online learning experiences and teach online. With an Instructional Design certificate, participants will gain knowledge and skills in areas such as backward design, accessibility of online materials and activities, creating interactive experiences and more. 

As an instructional designer, you will be able to:

  • Develop engaging and equitable online learning experiences.
  • Implement assessment strategies to effectively measure learning and provide actionable feedback.
  • Apply learning theory based design practices to plot a course map.
  • Evaluate and utilize a variety of educational tools for student success.


Instructional Design

Current Registration Deadline

Register by September 14, 2024

Course begins Sep 15 - Dec 8

Tuition: $350


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Fully Online

Fully Online

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Professional Advancement

Professional Advancement

With a professional certificate from UNE Online, you’ll find opportunities to sharpen your skill set and advance your career.


To register for our Instructional Design Professional Certificate program, simply click on the registration link below and follow the instructions to make your program payment of $350.
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Instructional Design Curriculum

This comprehensive learning program is designed to equip educators with the requisite skills for effective online learning design and instruction. This program consists of 3 distinct modules.

In the Instructional Design Foundations module, you will explore principles and methodologies for designing engaging online learning experiences, using best practices and established course design models. You will be able to evaluate various online delivery models, including hybrid, self-paced, synchronous, and asynchronous formats. Participants will be equipped to conduct a rigorous quality review of online courses, employing an online course quality review rubric for systematic improvement. Additionally, the module emphasizes the importance of designing online courses with clear and learner-friendly navigation.

The Assessment module focuses on developing an assessment plan aligned with online instructional units. You will learn to select appropriate assessment types based on various factors, including accessibility, authenticity, backward design, cost, and privacy considerations. You will learn about a variety of online assessment types and best practices for formative and summative assessments. The design of effective rubrics for evaluating student work is a key component, alongside discussions regarding the benefits and challenges associated with diverse assessment types.

The Enhancing Learner Engagement through Design and Media module introduces participants to the creation of online learning experiences that increase learner engagement. The focus extends to crafting learning activities and assessments that motivate learners, foster engagement through meaningful feedback, and evaluate emerging technologies for online learning experiences. You will also explore ethical practices and considerations for digital well-being in online engagement strategies.

In addition to the core activities, for those pursuing the advanced option, the program offers an opportunity to research and develop more complex online learning experiences, analyze emerging technologies, and apply design thinking to educational challenges. You will also gain practical skills in visual, web, and user experience design, with an emphasis on advocating for the strategic use of specific learning technologies or educational tools.

Learning Objectives: Foundations: 

  • Design engaging online learning experiences by applying researched best practices and course design models.
  • Evaluate various online delivery models (hybrid, self-paced, synchronous and asynchronous).
  • Conduct a quality course review using an online course quality review rubric to improve an online course.
  • Design an online course with clear and learner-friendly navigation.

Learning Objectives: Assessment: 

  • Design a multi-week assessment plan that aligns with an online instructional unit.
  • Select assessment types appropriate for multiple factors of online learning, including accessibility, authenticity, backward design, cost, and privacy.
  • Apply best practices to a variety of online assessment types, including formative, summative, objective, and subjective.
  • Design rubrics for evaluating student work.
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges to various assessment types.
  • Deliver various assessment types in a learning management system.

Learning Objectives: Enhancing Learner Engagement through Design and Media

  • Design online instructional modules that incorporate learner engagement methods.
  • Create learning activities and assessments that motivate learners.
  • Foster learner engagement using meaningful feedback.
  • Evaluate emerging technologies for online learning experiences.
  • Incorporate ethical practices and digital well-being considerations in online engagement strategies.

Students who try the advanced learning options will also:

  • Research and develop effective technology-enabled online learning experiences.
  • Examine a variety of emerging technologies.
  • Apply phases of the design thinking process to educational challenges.
  • Analyze the benefits of and concerns about technology in learning environments.
  • Compare educational tools to assess their utility for a learning task.
  • Evaluate educational tools for equity, accessibility, and privacy.
  • Practice the basics of visual, web, and user experience design as it applies to online learning experiences.
  • Advocate for the use of specific learning technologies or educational tools.


Tuition and Fees

The tuition for our highly regarded Instructional Design 12-week certificate program is $350. This competitive tuition covers the comprehensive curriculum, expert instruction, and invaluable information provided throughout the duration of the program. By investing in this program, you will gain the necessary knowledge, skills, tools, and insights to become an effective online learning instructional designer.

Alumni discounts are available! Please contact for additional information.




Our Instructional Design program is designed to …

Our Instructional Design program is designed for all aspiring educators and training specialists with a passion for creating equitable and engaging learning experiences. The program welcomes: 

  • Educators seeking to deepen their understanding of online teaching and augment learning through various instructional technologies. 
  • Program developers looking to further organizational performance through improved training and learning outcomes. 
  • Individuals wishing to expand the reach of their classroom while enhancing engagement through instructional design principles and theories. 
  • Anyone with an interest in the instructional design field and the process of developing course content within an online learning environment.

The Instructional Design Certificate Program will be offered 3 times per year, and will run for 12-weeks.

Some experience teaching, leading, or training is preferable but not required.

Course Set Up

This Instructional Design Certificate program is delivered 100% online.

Upon the successful completion of the Instructional Design Certificate program, you will receive a certificate of completion as well as 60 contact hours or 6 CEUs.

You will be assessed on your comprehension of course material via quizzes and application of new concepts and skills when you complete assignments. You must submit all the assignments as defined in the course and grading rubrics in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. Discussions, facilitator support and feedback will be available to all participants. You will be encouraged to explore professional use of AI tools in the course of this training; all your submissions must be original work and any AI assistance must be fully disclosed.