Event Presentations:

APRIL 2018

1st Annual Nutrition Symposium

The undergraduate and graduate nutrition programs at UNE gathered to host the first annual nutrition symposium on the UNE Portland Campus. This event joined nutrition experts and health professionals to discuss best nutrition strategies in sports nutrition, quality concepts in motivational interviewing, and a better understanding of health documentation with current technologies.

The combination of expert presentations and breakout sessions gave attendees the opportunity explore each topic in more detail with industry professionals.

Intro & Speaker #1 (Carrie Aprik)

Speaker #2 (Angelina Maia)


Speaker #3 (Megan Landry)


Breakout Session (Carrie Aprik)


Breakout Session (Angelina Maia)


Breakout Session (Megan Landry)


Closing (Anne-Marie)



JUNE 2018

7th Annual Bariatric Dietitians of New England Conference

UNE Online, in partnership with Southern Maine Health Care, hosts this annual event on our Portland campus. We were joined by bariatric experts from across New England to share the current and future trends this specialized field is experiencing.

The multi-session event educated guests on binge eating behaviors of the bariatric population, the effects of bariatric support groups, and the skills RD’s need to know when consulting patients who experience weight regain. This expanding field of nutrition continues to teach, inform, and excite the industry.



Speaker #1 (Meg Salvia & Kate Craigen)


Speaker #2 (Amy McManus)


Speaker #3 (Sue Cummings)


Speaker #4 (Devin Cain, Shannon Wickman, Chelsea Ferk)


*Speaker release/consent forms are available if needed.

Secondary Information:

UNE Nutrition – Undergraduate
General B.S. Nutrition Program Information: https://www.une.edu/wchp
B.S. Nutrition Club Information Page: https://une.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/nutrition_club

UNE North – Professional Science Master’s Degree
Introduction to UNE North: https://www.une.edu/UNE-North
Degree Programs @ UNE North: https://www.une.edu/UNE-North/Educational-Programs

Published Media:

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Title: Forty under 40 Honorees
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Link to article: https://usae.magtitan.com/magazine/issues/11-19-18-issue/lori-granich



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