The Brewery Financial Training Program

Improve the financial health of your brewery or distillery business

About The Brewery Financial Training Program

Tools and Strategies to Build a Strong Brewery & Distillery

Crafting Futures will offer a series of finance-oriented courses aimed at aiding craft beverage companies gain deeper insights into the financial side of their operations. The first in this series is The Brewery Financial Training Program led by Kary Shumway, CFO of Wormtown Brewery. While it references “brewery” in its description, the course is equally relevant to distilleries and Cideries.

  • The Brewery Financial Training Program
    • Provides craft brewery owners, managers, and staff the necessary financial skills to enhance their business’s performance
    • Delivered entirely online in six in-depth modules.
    • Self-paced design.

Led by a seasoned CPA with over two decades of experience as a chief financial officer in the beer industry, the Brewery Financial Training Program curriculum is meticulously crafted to deliver practical, real-world strategies tailored specifically for brewery and distillery operations. Throughout the self-paced program, you’ll acquire a comprehensive toolkit to tackle financial hurdles head-on, empowering you to navigate and fortify your brewery business for sustained success. The six self-paced online modules include:

Module 1: Brewery Finances 101
Module 2: Deep Dive into Brewery Financial Statements
Module 3: Common Brewery Financial Problems & How to Fix Them
Module 4: Beer Pricing and Cost of Goods Sold (COGs)
Module 5: Brewery Financial Planning and Forecasting
Module 6: Brewery Cash Flow Planning

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding enthusiast, this training equips you with actionable insights to optimize profitability and thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape. Join fellow brewery/distillery owners and managers and invest in your financial literacy, allowing you to unlock a competitive edge, enable strategic investments, and ensure operational resilience. 

This self-paced program allows you to start courses at any time! Register for Brewery Financial Training Program today.


The Brewery Financial Training Program

Self paced, Start anytime

Tuition: $499


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Fully Online

Fully Online

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Industry Partnership

Industry Partnership

This program is developed in collaboration with leading industry experts. See partners landing page.

Expert-Led Curriculum

Expert-Led Curriculum

Our program is developed and taught by industry experts who are at the forefront of the craft brewing industry.



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Your Instructor

“My name is Kary Shumway. I’m a CPA, former CFO for a beer distributor and current CFO for Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, MA. I’ve spent the last 20 years using finance to help improve financial results in our beer business. Now, I’m helping other craft breweries do the same. My latest financial training program was designed specifically for non--financial people who have the responsibility of either managing or contributing to the success of a beverage-related business such as breweries, beer wholesalers, cideries, and distilleries"

— Kary Shumway, CPA, CFO, Wormtown Brewery


To register for The Brewery Financial Training Program, simply click on the registration link below and follow the instructions to make your program payment of $499. This comprehensive training will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to optimize profitability and thrive in an ever-evolving craft brewing industry landscape. This self-paced program allows you to start courses at any time.


Curriculum for The Brewery Financial Training Program

Gain deeper financial mastery with The Brewery Financial Training Program, an immersive online curriculum tailored specifically for craft brewery owners, managers, and staff. This course is also applicable to distilleries and cideries. Dive into six dynamic modules meticulously crafted to unlock brewery financial success. From mastering the fundamentals in Brewery Finances 101 to delving deep into financial statements and solving common brewery financial challenges, each module equips you with practical strategies and insights essential for navigating today’s competitive market landscape. Explore beer pricing strategies, refine your financial planning and forecasting skills, and learn the art of brewery cash flow management.

Program Benefits: 

  • Increase brewery profits and cash flows
  • Stay current on the latest financial planning, implementation, and tracking techniques
  • Engage staff through online video training
  • Increase learning retention with easily digestible learning topics
  • Improve student accountability with testing and scoring
  • Take advantage of Live Q&A Sessions with the brewery CFO

Course Materials:

  • Videos with step-by-step instructions
  • Download materials to support the lessons: Templates, financial models, and checklists
  • Action items and assignments to put the lesson material into practice
  • Quiz on the material at the end of each module to improve learning retention

How this program can transform your brewery business

  • Utilize proven training methods to enable managers to take financial responsibility for their department
  • Identify and correct common causes of financial errors in brewery financial statements
  • Realize consistent, timely and accurate financial reporting using a simple monthly process
  • Achieve increased profitability with financial literacy training – the ability to read and understand the financial numbers of your brewery business


Chart of Accounts

    • Common brewery account structures
    • Best practices to report on taproom, self-distribution, wholesale operations
    • Template to build your own chart of accounts

General Ledger

    • Practical uses to identify cost-saving opportunities
    • Quick steps to read and understand the information

Brewery Financial Reports

    • Definitions, descriptions, and examples of financial statements
    • Income statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Statement of cash flows

Month-End Financial Process/Procedure

    • Checklist of best practices to follow
    • Steps to ensure complete and accurate financial reporting
    • Tools to train your team

Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows

    • Quick process to read, understand and take action on the information
    • Best practices to set up the financial reports – what to include / exclude
    • Templates and examples for each brewery financial statement

Key Financial Metrics and Ratios

    • How to identify key metrics – the most important numbers
    • How to calculate ratios and use benchmarks to compare results
    • Scorecard Models to measure, monitor and improve key metrics

The World Famous One-Page Financial Statement

    • All the financial numbers you need to see on one page
    • Summary information with comparisons to budget, actual results, and key metrics
    • How to build it – template to follow
    • How to read it – critical numbers to review

Keg Inventory

    • Process to count and reconcile to test accuracy
    • Best practices to track and monitor keg assets
    • Tools to use to make the process more efficient and effective

Product Inventory

    • Standard operating procedures with best practices for consistent and accurate inventory counts
    • Review of Cycle Counts, Full Physical Inventory, Pros and Cons of each method

Accounts Receivable Collection

    • How to read and review the Accounts Receivable aging report
    • Tactics to quickly identify potential collection issues
    • Best practices to speed up collection and improve cash flows

Product Margin variances

    • How to use trend analysis to identify problems with product margins
    • Common problems that cause margin variances and how to fix them

Beer Costing Fundamentals

    • Periodic and perpetual inventory simplified
    • Standard cost and weighted average cost
    • Variance analysis of beer costs

Bill of Materials

    • Review of costs that are included (and excluded) in cost of your beer
    • Direct material (DM)
    • Direct labor (DL)
    • Overhead (OH)

Kegs, Cans and Beer Loss

    • Review three major beer costs and how to reduce
    • Kegs: Option to lease or buy
    • Cans: Cost variances in printed, sleeved, labeled
    • Beer Loss: Cost examples and impact on margins

Beer Pricing and Portfolio Margins

    • How to price your beer to wholesalers, retailers, and customers
    • Margin analysis and requirements for each stakeholder in the 3-tier system
    • Beer Pricing Model for analysis and decision-making

Financial Planning Best Practices

    • Plan outline: Timelines, to-dos, and deadlines
    • Key questions and considerations
    • Financial planning pitfalls to avoid

How to Build the Brewery Financial Plan with Models and Examples

    • Sales forecast and gross margin plan
    • Operating expense plan
    • Capital expense plan
    • Loan schedules and debt plan

Tactics to train department managers

    • Proven training methods to enable managers to take financial responsibility for their department
    • Reporting tools for review and analysis to ensure cost center budgets are properly monitored

Cash Flow Management Best Practices

    • Techniques to keep cash management front and center
    • Daily/weekly practices and cash flow routines
    • Strategies to create a financing plan

Drivers of Brewery Cash Flow

    • Inventory
    • Accounts receivable
    • Accounts payable
    • Capital expenditures
    • Debt payments

Scorecards to Track and Measure Key Cash Flow Metrics

    • Inventory days on hand (DOH)
    • Days sales outstanding (DSO)
    • Average days to pay
    • Return on investment (ROI)
    • Debt service coverage ratio (DSCR)

3-Step System to Improve Brewery Cash Flow

    • How to identify where and when cash leaves the business
    • Techniques to insert yourself into the cash flow process
    • Tools to review past spending and make adjustments

    • Brewery Financial Training Final Exam
    • Recap of lessons learned, action items, and next steps


Join us and fellow industry professionals to revolutionize your brewery’s financial strategy and propel your business towards sustained success. Register today. 


Tuition and Fees

The cost of this fully online, self-paced, 6-module program is $499. This competitive tuition includes the expert developed curriculum, comprehensive lessons, and essential financial training to improve financial results in breweries and distilleries. 




Programs are designed for brewery and distillery staff.  The Finance Academy for Craft Beverages serves finance staff in breweries and distilleries, CPAs, bookkeepers and accountants.

    See each program for information on audiences served.

    Course Set Up

    The Finance Academy for Craft Beverages is delivered 100% online.

    At the successful completion of this program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

    Each module has specific approaches to participant assessment. Unlike traditional college courses, participation in the Finance Academy for Craft Beverages requires motivated individuals who seek new knowledge and who value peer learning. Participants will get out of their studies what they put into it.