How to Create an Efficient, Healthy, AND Beautiful Home Work Space

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates about 18% of people in the United States learn and work from home. With so many people working from home, it’s vital to create a workspace that helps you work your best.

Having a dedicated workspace can increase your productivity when you work or complete your online classes. Fortunately, anyone can make a beautiful and organized workspace, no matter how big your home is.

If you’re looking to create an efficient workspace in your home, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll look at how you can make an inspiring workspace you’ll get excited to use in our guide below.

Home Office Location

Having a dedicated office is nice but not necessary for your workspace. When choosing where to set up your workspace, choose your location wisely. Where you set up your workspace can have a big impact on both your productivity and well-being.

  • You’ll want to find a location in your home that is quiet and away from distractions. Try to find a place away from high-traffic areas and the TV.
  • Another ideal spot to put your home office is a place with natural light. The light will keep you focused as you go about your day.
  • Get creative with the location of your workspace! Do you have a closet that holds only clutter? Take the shelves out and convert the space into a workspace.
  • Take a walk around your house. If there are any unused areas, consider making that your workspace. There are many creative ways you can create a beautiful work location in even the smallest of places.

Have Solid Boundaries

  • No matter where you put your office, make sure to keep your work and home boundaries strong. Having a distinct barrier between your workspace and home will help keep a healthy work and well-being relationship.
  • You don’t need a wall to separate your home office from the rest of your house. A curtain, bookshelf, or room divider works just as well.

Office Storage Solutions

No matter what size your workspace is, you’ll want to keep it organized. A space that is free of clutter is less stressful and distracting.

  • Take inventory of what materials you use often and what you only need every once in a while. Keep your most used items close by in an easily accessible place.
  • It’s amazing how fast papers can pile up. Dispose of whatever you don’t need or use daily. Use a color-coded filing system to sort the papers you use each day.
  • Find containers to hold your office supplies. This will keep them organized and easy to use when they are in their drawers.
  • Don’t forget about the wall! You can hang many office organization tools in this spot. Try putting up a whiteboard, shelving, or calendar here.
  • Utilize the space under your desk. If your online courses have lots of books, tuck a bookshelf in this sneaky spot. You’ll stay more organized in a less obvious way.

Home Workspace Lighting

If you’re spending many hours in your home office space, you’ll want some decent lighting. An office that is too dark can give you headaches and make your eyes hurt.

  • Not every home office space will have access to natural light. If you are in a very dark space, consider investing in a light therapy lamp. These lamps mimic sunlight and help keep you healthy and alert.
  • You’ll also want to make sure your other lightbulbs are of the best quality. Choose an LED light that you can put on a dimmer. This will help you control how much light you have in your work spot.
  • Add even more space to your home office spot by mounting the lights to the walls. This looks chic while freeing up more area on your desk.

Home Workspace Furniture

  • There are many furniture options to get your small home office setup looking great. If you have limited square footage, try a wall-mounted desk. You can fold it up at the end of the day to add more floor space.
  • Standing desks are work from home furniture pieces that you’ll fall in love with. These desks help keep your energy levels up and your posture perfect.
  • If standing isn’t for you, make sure you buy yourself a high-quality, ergonomic chair. This type of chair will have adequate lumbar support to keep your body comfortable.
  • Another home workspace furniture piece to invest in is an ergonomic keyboard. This helps support your wrists and hands as you type. Get bonus support by finding a keyboard with a wrist rest.

Decorating Your Workspace

When planning your home workspace, you’ll want it to fit the aesthetic of your home. You’ll want your space to feel like your office while still reflecting your style.

  • Add plants to your workspace. They can help keep the air clean and help you lower your stress levels. Try aloe vera or a snake plant for your home office. Both plants are low-maintenance and help purify the air.
  • Inject characters into your workspace with pictures. Frame photos of your loved ones to keep on your desk. Add some interesting artwork to your space to give it some extra flair.
  • You can use paint to help define your space. This is an excellent trick to keep your office space feeling like its main purpose is for work.

Make Your Work From Home Office Perfect for You

Many people today work from home, making home offices the new norm. No matter how big your home is, anyone can have an organized and beautiful workspace.

Whether you are a full-time student, or working professional looking to expand your skills, one of the best uses for your home office is when taking online classes. If you’re looking to start your online education, regionally accredited UNE Online is the perfect option. Contact us today for more information!

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