New Nutrition Facts Label Provides Clearer Nutrition Info

January 2020 marked the official compliance date for food manufacturers—with annual revenue of $10 million or more—to update the nutrition label found on their products as a result of the 2016 FDA Nutrition Facts Label Rule and Serving Size Final Rule. To best support these manufacturers as they shift production to meet the deadline, the FDA assembled a task force to create ongoing education and media campaigns. These campaigns alert consumers to the change, develop public understanding regarding how the changes can benefit consumers, and initiate educational outreach that prioritize specific populations such as low-literacy consumers and those with an elevated risk of nutrition-related diseases.

In 2018, UNE Online shared more detail about the Nutrition Facts Label Rule and the Serving Size Final Rule submitted by the FDA.
Review the breakdown here.

These updated rules are the first major refresh to food labels in over 20 years. You may have spotted updated Nutrition Facts labels on your favorite food and beverage products as a result of many manufacturers taking early action. Whether you’ve seen the updates or not, you may be wondering, “what’s changed?” The FDA is requiring that key areas of the label receive more prominent styling to help consumers identify important nutritional factors that lead to more informed, healthier eating behaviors.

Key changes include:

  • Serving Size: Larger, bold font that is more accurately reflective of the amount people typically eat and drink
  • Calories: Larger, bold font to make finding this key metric even easier
  • Daily Values: Updated to include information for minerals & vitamins
  • Added Sugars: Amounts of added sugars and percent daily value for sugar listed

The FDA has mandated all food and drink manufacturers transition to the updated Nutrition Facts label by January 1, 2021. Their ultimate goal is to support consumers as they pay closer attention to nutrition and health professionals and educators as they assist patients in managing their health through nutrition. The updated Nutrition Facts label is part of a broader FDA initiative called the Nutrition Innovation Strategy.

“The Nutrition Innovation Strategy, which sets a strategic course for taking action to reduce preventable death and disease related to poor nutrition. As part of the agency’s strategy, this new campaign supports consumer education as a key element of FDA’s ongoing public health efforts.”


To explore interactive content, learn more about nutrition, and read the full release, visit the U.S Food & Drug Administration website.

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