Did You Know You Can Complete Science Labs Online with UNE Online’s SPHP Program?

Are you considering applying to medical school, but unsure about taking online lab prerequisite courses? This post aims to address your concerns and give you comprehensive insights into completing science labs online with UNE Online’s Science Prerequisites for Health Professions (SPHP) courses, helping you make an informed decision about your educational path.

What do online labs look like?

Embarking on the journey of online science labs may seem daunting initially, but rest assured, it’s entirely feasible. UNE Online’s SPHP courses employ a blend of at-home and virtual labs, ensuring students receive top-notch educational experiences.

  • At-Home Lab Work: Some SPHP courses leverage at-home lab work through Hands-On Labs, delivering lab kits directly to your doorstep.
  • Virtual Labs with Labflow: Certain chemistry courses utilize Labflow, a robust software platform enabling students to virtually complete labs. The Labflow subscription and all necessary materials are included in the course fee.

Students engage with actual chemicals and scientific-grade lab equipment, conducting experiments in non-laboratory settings, such as their kitchens. This hands-on approach proves vital for understanding course material, as highlighted by pre med student Emily Voss. Head over to our vision blog to read about Emily’s experience taking our science prerequisite courses where she discusses the importance these labs had in her learning journey!

Completing science labs online saves time and money

Online pre med science students often find labs to be a favorite aspect of their courses. Lab-related expenses are reasonable, ranging from $100 to $500+ per course.

Additionally, there are many benefits of Online Learning:

  • Flexibility: Online students access the same resources as on-campus courses, but have the freedom to complete lectures and labs at their own pace, accommodating busy schedules and other commitments.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Online courses offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional programs, allowing students to save both time and money.

So, are online labs right for you?

UNE Online’s courses offer flexibility, but commitment to consistent effort throughout the course is essential for success. With time management skills, you’ll have no trouble completing our self-paced, online labs!

Check out UNE Online’s science prerequisite classes today!

Explore a variety of online science prerequisite classes available through UNE Online, including Microbiology, Genetics, Pathophysiology, and Organic Chemistry. Some courses, such as Immunology, are lecture-only and do not have a virtual lab component. Be sure to check the course page to see which courses offer a lab component! 

For those aspiring to enter health professions, completing prerequisites online with UNE Online is a strategic choice. Our courses are designed to streamline your journey, helping you fulfill entrance requirements for your dream career. Discover more about the SPHP courses and take a step towards unlocking your potential today!

*It is highly recommended to check with your school or program before enrolling to ensure the credits will be accepted by your college, university, or professional school.

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