Student Support

The Student Support team provides enrolled students with fast and easy access to resources to help manage the administrative aspects of their degree requirements. Each student has a dedicated Student Support Specialist who functions as their primary contact within the UNE Online, providing support and acting as an advocate within the college and University. From questions about textbooks, to registration, to financial aid and more, your Student Support Specialist will be there for you every step of the way.

A specialized subset of the Student Support team are the Student Service Advisors (SSAs), who specifically assist Science Prerequisites (SPHP) students. Among other tasks, SSAs assist with registration, send out regular reminders about deadlines, and provide course support to make completing prerequisite courses as streamlined as possible.

Support Leadership

Lisa Shaker

Lisa Shaker

Director of Online Student Support

(207) 221-4964

Support Team

Headshot of Peter Andersen

Peter Andersen

Senior Student Support Specialist

(207) 221-4615

Jordan Carpenter

Student Support Specialist

(207) 221-4923

Headshot of Camden Crosby

Camden Crosby

Senior Student Support Specialist

(207) 221-4924

Headshot of Blair de Roo

Blair De Roo

Student Support Specialist

(207) 221-4966

Headshot of Garrett Gilroy

Garrett Gilroy

Student Support Specialist

(207) 221-4919

Matt Kasprzak

Student Support Specialist

(207) 221-4831

white box

Corey Martin

Student Support Specialist

(207) 221- 4745

Stacy Mears

Stacy Mears

Academic Program Manager


Headshot of Amber Sprinkle

Amber Sprinkle

Student Support Specialist

(207) 221-4883



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