Instructional Design

The Instructional Design team collaborates with program staff and subject matter experts to design online courses that are pedagogically-sound, intuitive, engaging, and rigorous. The team also assesses each learner-centered course to measure the effectiveness of the instructional strategies used in the course.

Additionally, the Instructional Design team is responsible for planning, developing, and delivering professional development experiences for faculty, helping them enhance their online teaching skills and effectively integrate technology into their instruction.

Instructional Design Leadership

Olga Slasten-LaPlante

Olga LaPlante

Director of Learning Experience

(207) 221-4973

Headshot of Amy Wright

Amy Wright

Assistant Director of Learning Experience

(207) 221-4409

Instructional Design Team

Headshot of Judi Brewer

Judi Brewer

Instructional Designer

(207) 221-4604

Headshot of Erik Hanson

Erik Hanson

Instructional Designer

(207) 221-4969

Headshot of Thomas Jarmusz

Thomas Jarmusz

Instructional Designer

(207) 221-4995

Headshot of Kerry Laitala

Kerry Laitala

Instructional Designer

(207) 221-4612

Headshot of Caroline Moore

Caroline Moore

Instructional Designer


Ayan Nur

Instructional Designer

(207) 221-4614

Headshot of Renee Parker

Renee Parker

Instructional Designer

(207) 221-4783

Headshot of Ida Perron

Ida Marie Perron

Instructional Designer

(207) 221-4947

Headshot of Lori Rand

Lori Rand

Instructional Designer

(207) 221-4041

Headshot of Zac York

Zachary York

Instructional Designer

(207) 221-4922



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