The Enrollment team works with potential students via phone, chat, and email. When a potential student begins their application, they are assigned a dedicated enrollment counselor to guide them through the admissions process and help them build their strongest application.

Enrollment counselors are also program experts, and as such, they are available to help determine if a particular program would be a good fit for a student’s particular career or educational goals.

Enrollment Leadership

Headshot of Allie Legere

Alexandra Legere

Interim Director of Enrollment Services

(207) 221-4941


Enrollment Team

Headshot of Lucas Good

Lucas Good

Enrollment Counselor III

(207) 221-4946


Courtney Hansen

Courtney Hansen

Marketing & Enrollment Operations Coordinator

(207) 221-4957


Headshot of Shannon Moskowitz

Shannon Moskowitz

Enrollment Counselor III

(207) 221-4955


Headshot of Jeff Nelson

Jeffrey Nelsen

Assistant Director of Enrollment

(207) 221-4942


Adeline Ray

Enrollment Counselor II

(207) 221-4864


Headshot of Holland Wegner

Holland Wegner

Marketing Production Manager

(207) 221-4953




Do you have questions about attending an online graduate school?

If you have any questions about coursework or program requirements, please speak to one of our enrollment counselors at the email or phone number below.