Video Everywhere & How to Deliver a Good Speech

How to deliver a good presentation

Giving a Great Speech…

One of the skills good social workers have is advocating for their clients in a persuasive and coherent manner.

In the business world, it’s also important to be able to deliver a good presentation. Blackboard offers a tool, Video Everywhere, which allows students to record their presentations and testimonials.

If you are new to this tool, please review the instructions from Bb. One additional stipulation: you must have a YouTube Channel before you can record using Video Everywhere, and you will be prompted for that in the process.

Public Speaking Do’s and Don’t’s

Of course, it’s very important to develop good public speaking skills, and this resource will show you 10 dos and don’ts of public speaking. (Spoiler alert: there will be a mention of “T-rex arms”).

10 Most Common Rookie Mistakes in Public Speaking

And check out how Prezi is used in this presentation. There is more in the world of presentations than just using PowerPoint!


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