Other Options for Presentations (and Some Tips on Doing Research)

At a request of a faculty member, I have been researching some video presentation options beyond the standard MS PowerPoint presentation.

I began my research in Google Docs (Google Drive). If you have never done it, you should at least give it a shot. You will like it. In fact, you may like the Research Tool enough to share with your students to use when they are working on their research papers.

So, here are three tools I have looked up.


How to Use Storify


Storify Tour

Tell your story through putting together content from all sorts of social media, adding your own narrative to the collection. Great for finding out about trending topics and current events.


Online video editing, free for personal accounts with limits of 15 min movies exported in 480p (small, low res movies). Better options, including sharing media to edit, and creating shared projects for a fee.



Animated presentations, with interesting effects, and fairly friendly to use. For a free account, you can publish to YouTube and Facebook and Moovly will keep its watermark on the video.

Moovly on YouTube

5 Tips for Creating a Successful Animated Presentation. Link: http://moovly.com/gallery/5-tips-to-create-a-successful-animated-video

Moovly on Vimeo

Cool Tools – Wideo, Moovly, and PowToon

These may come on handy, and obviously, some individuals will like some and not the others. Here is an added bonus here’s a quick presentation about your IDS team, in Moovly.

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