Making a Positive Difference in this World: UNE Online Faculty Member, Carol M. Marcotte, Ph.D.

School Supplies St. MaartenRecently, UNE Online Faculty Member Carol M. Marcotte, Ph.D. (Associate Lecturer, Department of Education, MSE and CAGS Online Programs), collected 650 pounds of donations for St. Maarten schools devastated by Hurricane Irma.Carol Marcotte

Dr. Marcotte has had a vested interest in St. Maarten for over 20 years.

“I’ve had a timeshare in St. Maarten for over 20 years – it’s my home away from home. My timeshare doesn’t exist anymore because of the hurricane, and it’s been categorized as 90% destroyed by the government. Because it’s been my home for 20 years, I needed to find a way to give back to the island that has provided me with so much joy over my life. I actually had a dream that I was in the Jetport with two huge suitcases labeled ‘St. Maarten schools’, and after that, I woke up and said, that’s it I need to do something.”

Dr. Marcotte visited St. Maarten to personally deliver the donations. She visited three schools during her trip, including MAC, Martin Luther King Primary School, and Charlotte Brookson Performing Arts High School, in addition to participating in other humanitarian events.

“It truly is all about the children and all about making sure they’re able to learn; whether it’s graduate students or pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students, it’s all about the children. Every place I visited, the smiles and gratitude from the children, teachers, and administrators touched my heart. It just goes to show how needy they are, because in totality the donations weren’t much, and they were so grateful.”

Dr. Marcotte will be heading back to St. Maarten over the holiday break and plans to fill up more of her suitcases with supplies.

Kids and toysWe’ll be posting an update on Dr. Marcotte’s upcoming trip after she returns home on Christmas day, and we hope to be able to share a way for others to contribute to her cause.

We are so proud to have faculty and community members at UNE Online making a positive difference in this world, and we are thrilled to be able to share their work in hopes that it will inspire and encourage others to do their part.

Dr. Marcotte has started a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of shipping donations from Maine to St. Maarten. If you would like to contribute, we’ve listed the link below:

One thought on “Making a Positive Difference in this World: UNE Online Faculty Member, Carol M. Marcotte, Ph.D.

  1. Dr. Carol Marcotte

    Thank you for sharing this! I am very excited about going next week and meeting the Director of Public Schools and disseminating more school supplies to any and hopefully all of the public schools in Saint Maarten. I will meet with administrators as well. As we know, through our course learnings, it is important to stabilize learning for our students. This is a great example as well as giving. Happy holidays to all. Thank you students if UNE!

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