Thursday Links – April 21, 2016

Every other Tuesday (Thursday this week because I was out sick), Vision publishes links to the articles that we instructional designers have read and found interesting during the previous two weeks. The opinions expressed in these articles don’t always reflect our own. Rather, we share them because we think they compel conversation, which we’re happy to have with our readers in the comments field below. 

What Google LearnedFrom Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team – NYT

by Charles Duhigg – Feb 25, 2016

Coverage on the results from Google’s extensive, years-long research into the factors behind the success, or lack thereof, of teams.

Small Changes in Teaching: Giving Them a Say – Vitae

by Jim Lang – April 15, 2016

Lang talks about the importance of agency to retention as well as other aspects of learning.

Undergraduate team wins Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for gloves that translate sign language –

by Jennifer Langston – April 12, 2016

Cool project by a college team.

Competency for the Traditional-Age Student – Inside Higher Ed

by Paul Fain – March 30, 2016

Whereas CBE is mostly being rolled out to serve non-traditional student populations, Purdue has recently been approved for a competency-based bachelor’s degree.

Effectiveness, Defined Broadly – Inside Higher Ed

by Doug Lederman – April 8, 2016

Lederman covers recent studies looking to develop a framework for measuring the effectiveness of different higher ed institutions.

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